Data Acquisition and Industrial IoT

IIoT systems integration and retrofitting of industrial machinery with sensors and IIoT infrastructure

DAQORE® IIoT systems integration

Condition monitoring

DAQORE offers a plug&play capable interface between the Tinkerforge system of building blocks and the IIoT Cloud. Our software engineering focus is the design and implementation of system software for embedded, measurement and data acquisition systems.

Common use cases are condition monitoring systems and predictive maintenance services, signal processing algorithms, as well as graphical user interfaces to manage and monitor custom devices.

Edge computing

In most of the applications that we’ve been working on in the past, real-time processing of sensor data was required. To enable low latency communication from the sensor to the cloud, raw sensor data needs to be reduced in size and preprocessed at the sensor node, that is outside the cloud at the edge of the network.

A typical use case is an FFT analysis of time series data, where just the frequency spectrum is sent to the cloud rather than the raw sensor data.

Retrofitting of industrial machinery

The common feature of all our retrofits is in the systems integration of various kinds of sensors with low-power electronics and signal processing into real-time capable data acquisition systems. In the past years, we spent much time on handling data acquisition systems for a variety of engineering and science applications.

DAQORE uses industrial grade, pluggable electronics modules combined with the system programming languages C/C++ and Rust.

Industrial Internet of Things

DAQORE is solutions partner and systems integrator for IXON cloud, an industrial IoT platform providing a modern and global infrastructure that your remote machines and devices can be connected to.

This way, machine builders and measuring device manufacturers can take advantage of new technologies such as the industrial Internet of Things, edge computing, artificial intelligence and machine learning. Our reference IIoT platform consists of MQTT, Telegraf, InfluxDB and Grafana.


Custom solution engineering allows for a deeper understanding of your technical challenges and very high quality standards.

DAQORE® System software

Software bridges

Strictly following our “single source code for all platforms” philosophy, we interconnect industrial machinery and measurement devices by using software bridges running on all major operating systems. Software bridges are network services that, for instance, bridge data from serial devices to WebSocket connections and vice versa.

All services are realised with the system programming languages C/C++ and Rust, ensuring fast communication as well as reliable, efficient and highly concurrent system software.

Stable and secure system software

Getting performance boost, increased stability and security in general does not require a full replacement of your software stack. In many cases, it is more practical and economic to start replacing the most critical and performance demanding parts which are prone to run-time errors.

We use the Rust programming language for concurrent computation where guaranteed memory-safety and thread-safety is key.

Microcontrollers and sensors



C/C++, Rust, Web (full-stack)

Software stack

MQTT, Telegraf, InfluxDB, Grafana

Industrial IoT

IXON Cloud