Powerful signal processing and data analysis

DAQORE® Dashboard provides extended signal processing and data analysis capabilities for your individual cloud applications. The software uses the various API endpoints of IXON Cloud to load configured devices and process logged sensor data. Frequency analysis (FFT) and many custom algorithms turn this software into a powerful tool for engineers and data scientists. Plot widgets enable to zoom into every detail of your data. The Rust application can be compiled to both native and WebAssembly (WASM).


  • Dark/Light Mode
  • Two-factor authentication (for IXON Cloud)
  • Analysis methods such as normal distribution and FFT
  • Digital filters including band pass, high pass, low pass, notch, and single pole low pass
  • Export manager for the IXON Cloud (CSV, JSON, XLSX)
  • Plot widgets for historical data and live data streams


  • Import manager for the IXON Cloud (BLOB, CSV, JSON, XLSX)
  • Nelson Rules based detection of out-of-control/non-random conditions for process-control
  • Real-time visualization of machine components with a 3D model (Visual Twin)