Communication interfaces and sensors

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In addition to common multi-axis acceleration and pitch/roll angles, acceleration data can be put into a fast Fourier transform to determine the occurrences of specific frequencies for uses cases like vibration analysis.

Air pressure

Based on their internal temperature compensation, many air pressure sensors can also be used as altimeters.

Ambient Light

Illuminance measurements are commonly used for automation and control applications.

Ambient temperature

Temperatures measurements of gases like air have use cases in many industries and applications.

Analog digital converter

Analog digital conversion is the most practical way to convert an analog voltage signal into a digital sample, that is a digitised, discrete time and amplitude signal.


Based on their internal temperature compensation, many barometers can also be used as altimeters. As air pressure is changing significantly even over a short period of time, sensor fusion with an inertial measurement unit is recommended for most applications.


CAN interfaces are used to send and receive data on a CAN bus to communicate with other CAN devices.

Capacitive touch

Detecting the locations of touch events through thin layers of glass, plastic or similar is often used in custom-built touch panels.

CO2 concentration

Compensated by temperature, humidity and air pressure, high-precision measurements of CO2 concentrations allow for condition monitoring of the global atmosphere as well as inside buildings, rooms or machines.


Sensor fusion of color, color temperature and illuminance can be used to detect the color of objects. Sorting objects by their color, for instance, is one use case where color detection plays a major role.


To get a sense of direction, 3-axis magnetic flux density readings can be converted into heading and inclination angles. Use cases can be found in control applications, whenever direction or rotation needs to be detected.


Digital Multiplex (DMX) is a communication standard that is used to control lighting and effects in event technology. Controlling stage lighting dimmers, fog machines and effect equipment are example uses cases.


Global navigation satellite system such as GPS, GLONASS or Galileo allow for geo-spatial positioning on earth. They also provide data about movement, altitude as well as highly precise time/date information.


Data about (relative) humidity in air is commonly used in drying applications, environment monitoring or in outdoor weather stations.

Indoor air quality

Sensor fusion of air pressure, humidity and temperature as well as gas measurements of ethane, isoprene, ethanol, acetone and carbon monoxide allows for calculating the indoor air quality index.

Inertial measurement unit

Attitude and heading reference systems use an inertial measurement unit with 9 degrees of freedom to measure angular rate, acceleration, and Earth's magnetic field. These measurements give an estimate of the object’s attitude.

Infrared distance

With accuracies in the millimeter range, infrared sensors are commonly used in robotics to measure distances for localisation and mapping tasks.

Infrared temperature

Contactless object temperature measurements have many use cases, especially because temperatures can be as high as 380°C. Additionally, ambient temperature measurements are possible.


Sensor modules that do analog/digital input/output benefit from galvanically isolating their power and data lines.

Load cell

Calibrated with a single known weight, load cells allow for measuring weight differences of a few grams in big objects that weigh many kilograms.

Magnetic flux density

Sensors for magnetic flux density measure the strength and count the appearances of magnetic fields in scenarios where rotation speeds of wheels or rotating objects should be detected, for instance.


Near field communication (NFC) has become part of our everyday life, as it's the technical basement for contactless payment with smartphones smartwatches. It is commonly used for keyless access and identification applications.

Particulate matter concentration

Detecting particulate matter concentrations and particle sizes in the air is not only used in medical applications, but also in clean rooms and the microsystems industry.

Passive infrared motion

Passive infrared sensors have detection ranges of more than 10 meters and can be used to detect movement of people, animals and objects in general.

Power, voltage and current

Measuring power, voltage and current of a load (e.g. motor) is one of the potential use cases. In case of battery powered systems, it determines the state of the battery by bidirectional current measurement (charge/discharge).


Pt100 and Pt1000 are just two examples of industrial resistance temperature detectors which provide very high detection ranges and accuracy.


RS-232 interfaces are used to send and receive serial data with RS-232 to communicate with other serial devices.


RS-485 interfaces are used to send and receive differential data with RS-485 to communicate with other serial devices.

Sound pressure level

Detection of the current sound pressure level and frequency spectrum enables to measure loudness of music and environmental noises.

Standard signals

To interface IEC 60381 compatible sensors such as pressure transducers, current (0 to 20 mA) and voltage (-10 to +10 V) needs to be detected with high precision.

Thermal imaging

Thermal imaging cameras generate a two-dimensional heat map including minimum, mean and maximum temperatures of the pictured object.


There are different thermocouple types used in science and industry which all produce a temperature-dependent voltage as output signal.

Ultrasonic distance

Distance measurement with ultrasound is used in robotics, automation and control applications with resolutions up to 1 mm.

Ultraviolet light

Ultraviolet light sensors us UV measurements to calculate the UV index. Common applications of UV light sensors are sunscreen warning and environmental data logging.