Privacy Notice

Privacy Notice according to Article 13 GDPR

The protection of the data and privacy of visitors to our website is important to us. For that reason, we pledge to protect your personal data and collect, process and use your data in strict accordance with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and applicable German data privacy regulations. The following Privacy Policy contains a full and comprehensive overview of how your personal data is collected and subsequently used on our website. Our Privacy Policy is updated regularly in accordance with legal and technical requirements. Please always refer to the most current version of our Privacy Policy.

I. Name and Address of Controller

The controller within the meaning of the GDPR and other German privacy regulations as well as all other applicable data privacy regulations is:

Eurotec-Ring 15
47445 Moers


II. Name and Address of Data Protection Officer

Dr. Claudio Abels
Eurotec-Ring 15
47445 Moers


III. General data processing information

1. Scope of processing personal data

Your personal data will only ever be processed to the extent required to provide a fully functional website, the contents thereof or our services.

2. Lawfulness of processing

Article 6(1) GDPR governs the lawfulness of processing the personal data of users according to specific criteria, in particular:

a) Article 6(1) point (a) GDPR, provided we have obtained the consent of the data subject to the processing of his or her data for one or more specific purposes.
b) Article 6(1) point (b) GDPR, provided that processing is necessary for the performance of a contract to which the data subject is party. This also applies to processing that is necessary for taking steps prior to entering into a contract with the data subject.
c) Article 6(1) point (c) GDPR, provided that processing of personal data is necessary for compliance with a legal obligation to which we are subject.
d) Article 6(1) point (d) GDPR, provided that processing is necessary to protect the vital interests of the data subject or of another natural person.
e) Article 6(1) point (f) GDPR, provided that processing is necessary for the purposes of the legitimate interests of us or of a third party and these interests override the interests, fundamental rights and fundamental freedoms of the data subject.

3. Erasure and duration of storage

As soon as the purpose of storage no longer applies, your personal data will be erased or made unavailable. If European Union or German provisions, laws or other regulations to which the controller is subject obligate storage periods for personal data extending beyond the original purpose, storage may continue until the end of the storage period mandated by the aforementioned legislation. Following this storage period, personal data will be erased or made unavailable unless continued storage thereof is necessary for the conclusion or performance of a contract.

IV. Providing the website and the creation of log files

1. Description and scope of processing

Whenever you access our website, data about your computer system is collected automatically.

This includes, in particular:

a) your IP address (anonymized)
b) date and time of access
c) information about the type of browser used and its current version
d) your operating system
e) websites from which you accessed our website

This data is stored as a log file in our system. Log files are not stored in connection with any other personal data.

2. Lawfulness of processing

The lawfulness of the temporary storage and processing of technical data and log files is established by Article 6(1) point (f) GDPR.

3. Purpose of processing

The provision of the website to your computer requires the temporary storage of your IP address by the system. To do this, your IP address must remain stored for the duration of the session.

To ensure the functionality of the website and the security of our IT systems and to optimize the website, this data is stored in log files. This gathered data is not evaluated for marketing purposes.

These purposes also represent our legitimate interest in data processing pursuant to Article 6(1) point (f) GDPR.

4. Duration of storage

If the data is stored in log files, these will be deleted after 9 weeks at the latest.

5. Possibility of objection and elimination

There is no possibility for you to object, as data collection and storage in log files is absolutely necessary for the provision and operation of the website.

V. Contact forms and email contact address

1. Description and scope of processing

To contact us online or for transferring information or data for various purposes, we offer contact or application forms on our website. To use them, enter your data in the input mask. This data is then transmitted to us and stored. The following data will be collected:

Surname, first name
Email address
Information as it is transmitted in the context of your message

When your message is sent, the following data is also stored:

Your IP address
Date and time of your message

You can also contact us using the email address provided. Your personal data transmitted with the email will be stored.

This data is used exclusively for the processing of communication as well as for organisational processing of the according procedure, event, or the like. Data processed for communication will not be passed on to third parties.

2 Lawfulness of processing

The lawfulness of processing personal data is established by the user's consent in this regard pursuant to Article 6(1) point (a) GDPR.

If the transmission of personal data takes place via email, Article 6(1) point (f) GDPR represents the necessary legal basis for the processing of the data. If the conclusion of a contract is also intended with this establishment of contact, Article 6(1) point (b) GDPR constitutes the necessary legal basis for the processing of this data.

3 Purpose of processing

We process personal data collected via the input mask exclusively in order to establish contact. Contacting us by email establishes the necessary legitimate interest to processing the transmitted data.

The other personal data processed during the sending process are used to prevent misuse of the contact form and to secure our IT system services.

4 Duration of storage

If data collection is no longer necessary to achieve the purpose, the data will be deleted. This is the case for personal data transmitted via the contact form and via e-mail, if the respective communication with you has finished. This is the case if circumstances indicate that the respective issues or questions have been clarified in a conclusive manner.

Any additional personal data collected during the sending process will be deleted after a period of seven days at the latest.

5 Possibility of objection and elimination

You can revoke your consent to the processing of your personal data at any time. If you contact us by email, you can object to the storage of your personal data at any time. Please note that in this case further communication with you is no longer possible.

Both revocation and objection can be sent in writing to the following email address:

Personal data stored for contact purposes will be completely deleted in this case.

VI. Use of cookies

Our website uses a session cookie to preserve data (about the selected website language) across different HTTPS requests of the same visitor. Each session has a session ID that gets stored in a cookie in the visitor's browser. The actual data of the session is stored in a session file on our server that matches the session ID. Sessions last for two hours, after which they expire.

Our website does not set other cookies.

VII. Third-party services

We do not use third-party services such as a content delivery network or cloud storage to improve the performance of our site.

VIII. Tracking, social media interfaces and analytics services

We do not use trackers, social media interfaces or analytics services on our website.

IX. Hosting

The server for our website is provided by

Elgendorfer Str. 57
56410 Montabaur

You can find their privacy policy here:

X. Current version and amendments to this Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is in force and was last updated in June 2024.

The continued development of our website and its offers, or changes to legal provisions, or recent court rulings, or official guidelines can necessitate amendments to this Privacy Policy. The version of our Privacy Policy that is currently in force can be found on and printed from our website at any time at the following address: