Kickstart solution for industrial cloud applications

The core of the DAQORE® IIoT Boxes are sensor hubs which are driven by an industrial grade ESP32 based microcontroller board made in Germany (Tinkerforge GmbH, North Rhine-Westphalia). Each sensor hub provides six ports for communication interfaces and sensors. They are used to integrate into available infrastructure and existing data acquisition systems. A fully integrated MQTT client sends the sensor data to the configured MQTT broker.

The sensor hubs can be attached to the DIN rail inside the stainless steel casing of the IIoT Box and are connected with network cables to the outside of our IIoT Box.

Plug & play integration

DAQORE® provides plug & play IIoT systems integration of more than 40 communication interfaces and sensors.

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Software bridge for the attached sensors

Sensor hubs connect to the routing hardware via Ethernet to make sure that your applications run as flawlessly and reliably as possible. The connection to the virtual private network (VPN) of the IIoT Box enables remote firmware updates from within the browser.

However, the firmware updates and maintainability goes one step further: they go all the way to the attached devices. The attached devices can be maintained and updated remotely too.

Stress test proven

The IIoT Boxes and sensor hubs are subject to stress tests since December 2022 under the most harsh conditions we could come up with, namely inside a coking plant and a salt mine. And the system is doing what it was designed to do: preprocessing raw sensor data and pushing the processed information to the cloud.

Self-tests results are pushed to the cloud

Each sensor hub automatically performs a hardware and software self-test six times every minute. The self-tests check current sampling rates and the status of every connected device. The results are sent into the cloud in real time and the health status of your system can be reported to you as a push message to your mobile phone, in case the predefined warning or error conditions were met.

Remote administration and firmware update over-the-air (OTA)

The sensor hubs are configured and maintained through a web interface or via MQTT. New firmware can be pushed to the sensor hubs and their attached devices over-the-air (OTA).

Hardware and software features for increased reliability

  • Plug & play integration for the IXON Cloud
  • Ethernet interface connects to the internal routing hardware
  • Stable and reliable power supply
  • Automatic system configuration in case the network link should ever go down
  • Fully integrated MQTT client
  • Remote firmware update over-the-air (OTA) of the sensor hub itself and all attached devices
  • Results of the fully automated self-tests are sent to the cloud and pushed to your mobile phone if configured

Integrated communication interfaces and sensors

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