Project background

The family business SLE Elektronik from North Rhine-Westphalia (Germany) started developing and manufacturing assemblies and devices in the fields of measurement, control and ripple control technology in 1993. Today, almost three decades later, their ripple control measurement devices still have a worldwide customer base.

As a small company and expert with a strong focus on electronics and analog filter design, freelance computer engineering is an appropriate way to bridge the gap whenever new products should be backed by a modern system software stack.

Project aim

The project aim is to enable use cases such as remote ripple control and condition monitoring with reliable network services that bridge serial to network communication and allow for remote user access. A new software stack was developed that provides access to Serial and Ethernet based measurement devices of their ripple control product line. An automatic bit pattern recognition turns the digital ripple control telegrams into human-readable format.


The new software stack consists of two main components, a Rust backend and a C++ frontend. The Rust backend bridges the communication between the user interface and the connected serial and network devices. They communicate through an encrypted WebSocket connection which is based on Public-key cryptography. The current, second version supports three measurement device models.